Tacha Has Been Evicted by Disqualification from BBNaija House after Cindy on Same Day

A lot happened on Friday 27th, BBNaija housemate Tacha has been disqualified from the reality show after Cindy who was evicted in the morning.

The housemate, Tacha was disqualified and evicted over her previous fight with Mercy earlier this Friday, September 27.
- Mercy was also issued two strikes for provoking a fight.

That same Friday, it was reported that earlier, the BBNaija show host, Ebuka, visited the housemates for a surprise eviction, where Cindy was told to leave the house.

Tacha Vs Mercy

Later that night, Big Brother disqualified Tacha from the Big Brother Naija house over the fight between Tacha and Mercy which happened earlier this Friday.
To know what exactly ensued in the clash see the video below.

This Friday evening, the housemates were all called into the lounge, where Big Brother played the clip of the fight between Tacha and Mercy

Tacha was asked to stand up and she was sent packing after Big Brother recited the rules from the Big Brother Naija rule book. Tacha was told that she has been forgiven several times for fighting with fellow housemates, but that would not happen this time hence Tacha got disqualified.

Mercy was also issued two strikes for provoking a fight.

Do you think Big Brother's judgment on this was fair enough?

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  1. Tacha is full of her self I believe this will show her how to behave an treat others as human, she lack respect an manners. It has been so long I have been waiting for tacha to leave BBN house.