Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

I've done some smartphone roundups, some camera comparisons in the past, I've done these very objective very numerical evaluations of how good the camera performance was and what these things are capable of, but that was back in 2014, now that is 2018 smartphone cameras have gotten so good that the difference between the top five best smartphone cameras meaning the ones that you buy because you take a lot of photos and videos the difference is so small, it's gotten so small that the difference is way less about like objective differences in performance like better or less dynamic range or more or less megapixels and it's more just about personal preference which one you think looks a little bit better,

  • maybe want to have some software features you like 
  • or maybe one has a little bit of a different hue it just looks a little better in the color

To prove that I have the top 5 best smartphone cameras out here and I've taken identical photos with all of them, a bunch of them from the exact same angles and you decide the winner, we're going to go through A B C D and E, you can see if you can pick one of them that you like better than the others, you can look at what you like about sharpness and detail or dynamic range or just colors or maybe just look at it and pick the one you like that looks better, let's take a look.

The first one is a backpack and it's outdoors on a bench and the biggest thing you're going to notice between these is actually the color temperature and contrast, so just looking at that black pocket that's underscore is supposed to be black but you can notice in each of the pictures there's a little bit of a different color cast, bit of a different hue and the sharpness and the detail levels are about the same in and out of focus and the background is about the same, but you'll notice the color temperature is the biggest differentiator so here's your side-by-side.

This is another outdoor picture and there's a little bit less colors but the same effect you'll see a little bit more, this is a gray car but as you can see in each of the individual shots the car and the round which is the asphalt varies again with the color the yellow lines get a little bit warmer or cooler on each shot, but for the most part the exposure and the sharpness are about the same again, here's a side-by-side

This one's a pretty distinct foreground and background shot so I'm taking a portrait here so you guys can see how blurred out the backgrounds get and smartphones these days have really wide aperture is f 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 even a lot of these are doing a really good job that you can see to the extent and the degree that they blow out the background and of course you get a sense of white balance as well with the different colors and shades of the white of the table so again you can take a look at this side by side.

Here's another portrait and we're outdoors, it's a little bit contrast here, but again the bigger differences you notice here is the difference in color on the white wall, the black asphalt and then just the color of the jacket it kind of changes with coolness or warmness based on the color temperature again, but yeah overall a pretty similar shot in each one as far as sharpness goes because again everything's in focus, but you can notice the difference is an image processing just based on the way the colors look so again here's your side by side of each single one

Notice a bit of a lower light photo and this is where the best smartphone cameras or cameras in general can actually Excel and separate themselves from the lower end, so for this one you're looking at the tones in groups little face and you want to look at noise reduction you can look at his eyes and the black shelf that he's sitting on, the rest of it is a little bit of the cast in the hues and there's a backlight behind him on a white wall, but you can see to the extent that they blow up group space or don't and also if you want the side-by-side here is that again.

This one's a landscape to the extent that I could do a landscape on such a dreary day like this, but you can see the Empire State Building there in the background and for landscapes you really want to focus on just detail so if you're counting windows on the Empire State Building you have a pretty good idea that this one gets sharpen as well but again the color differences is what I notice is the biggest difference here as well, so look at the colors of the cement on each one and then we'll get this side-by-side.

I think this is the tell-all or the most revealing photo, you want to keep an eye on two things on this one the top tones of the steering wheel it's an all black interior and over on the left in the rear view mirror the amount that you can see that American flag in the mirror, in some it's a little bit overexposed in others it's perfectly visible so you can see which ones have the most dynamic range or which ones have the most pleasing image, but again here is the side by side of the center point which was a steering wheel which is the part that I tap to focus on when I took the photo.

Now that you've seen all the comparisons you've made your pick by now which one is your top choice maybe leave it in the comments section below with it a, b, c, d or e and this is the phone you picked.

A. OnePlus 3T
B. Samsung Galaxy S8
C. Google Pixel XL
D. iPhone 7+
E. LG G6

Note: All photos taken in full automatic with Auto HDR enabled and tap-to-focus.

That is your top choice for a smartphone camera so does your winner surprise you at all probably not because these are among the best smartphone cameras the reason why they were chosen was because they have good cameras and they're all very similar in that regard.

Hopefully this sheds a little bit of light on the fact that they're all really damn good and there's other things that of course go into picking a smart phone even just for the camera, I've gone over them in the past just autofocus speed, software features, time-lapse features, stabilization, all these things when taking a video even the selfie camera is important all I went over and this one is just raw back facing camera performance.

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