Friday, 4 May 2018

LG G7 ThinQ Impressions

This is your first look at the brand new LG G7 ThinQ, so I'd actually described this g7 kind of like a V 30 but updated for 2018 so if you don't know if you're a member of the LGV 30 one of the most underrated phones of last year, basically this feels like a very reactive phone in 2018 meaning it doesn't really do anything new that we haven't seen before but a lot of the things it does it has its own little LG twist on it.
LG G7 ThinQ

On the outside is looking familiar right, this one's silver but there will be four colors it's glass on the back and then aluminum around the rails, yes it does have wireless charging and yes it is really reflective, but not as bad as some others. The biggest difference is now it actually has a real power button on the right side instead of just using the fingerprint reader on the back as a power button and on the other side you'll probably notice the volume rocker and then a weight look another button that is the Google assistant button.

That's actually I'm surprised is the first time we've seen a dedicated button for Google assistant in a phone, not counting the squeeze feature of the pixel that's not a button, so you can press it to open the assistant or hold down and it'll let you ask certain things with custom voice commands kind of like a walkie-talkie, but that's all this button does, so it's kind of like the Galaxy S9 bixby button, but better because it's Google assistant, but here's the thing I didn't just roast the bixby button because Bixby is bad, it was because the button also wasn't remappable it was either on or off you couldn't make it do anything else, this Google assistant button on the G7 is also not remappable and I have to stay fair and say you should also be able to remap that button not just because it's an assistant button because it's an extra button on a phone you should be able to whatever you want with it, so you'll be able to enable it or disable it through the software, but no one wants a useless extra button on their phone when it's disabled so I encourage LG to allow us to remap it to a custom software button.

Around to the back the cameras orientation for the dual cameras is now vertical, very 2018 putting dual cameras like this but they still keep the flash and the laser autofocus outside of the camera module, I kind of like it better when they put everything inside the same module but that's just me it feels cleaner that way, either way G7s camera bump is really small it's in the middle of the phone it's not bad and on the cameras themselves might be the standout distinguishing feature of this phone, so two 16 megapixel cameras and F 1.6 aperture and the one is still a super wide angle instead of a telephoto, so LG sticking to their guns this year but this time it's a slightly less extremely fisheye still wide angle though.

No photo or video samples with the final software available yet though, that's something we're going to have to test for the full review and that goes along to say - with things like battery life on that 3000 milliamp hour battery and just general performance through LG's software on top of Android Oreo, but I think we kind of know what we're getting ourselves into here with snapdragon 845 and 4 gigs of ram it's probably pretty good.

G7 is taking all the boxes it's built well, it's ip68 water-resistant, it has a micro SD card expansion slot, if you look at the bottom of the phone yes it absolutely still does have the headphone jack backed by that impressive 32-bit quadact, so LG stays committed to that premium audio experience and that little speaker down there it looks the same but they are much louder. “LG says it's about 40% louder” from hearing it I'd say it's definitely a lot louder but what's actually more interesting is you can feel it vibrating and moving the whole phone, the speaker uses some of the space inside the phone and it acts as a literal resonance chamber and you can actually put your hand up at the bottom of the phone and feel air moving out of it which is really impressive, but also just holding it it's vibrating your hand it's actually pretty cool.

Filling the bass actually move air from a phone is impressive but the sad part is there's no stereo speaker action happening so this tiny speaker grille is it and it's really easy to block accidentally sadly, but then this main attraction of the phone is up at the front it's got the display a 6.1 inch 31 20 by 1440 IPS display with a notch, this one's interesting it's a big display with small bezels obviously so that's great for 2018 there's a bit of a small chin more than some other phones, but not so big that it's like a huge problem for me, but the interesting part of their choice is to go with an LCD panel instead of an OLED. The biggest benefit to this was they're super bright mode there's a little toggle and the brightness slider which is basically when you're outdoors you can boost up this display as brightness by a lot and I can definitely say it's effective Samsung also kind of has something like this and it's also an OLED display but nobody can do panels quite like Samsung's so as long as what LG is doing here is effective I don't mind it works I got to use this one outdoors for a bit as you can tell and it looked pretty good to me it's also colorful it's definitely sharp and it gets bright and it has this nice little notch up at the top just in time for 2018, LG in the settings calls it a second new screen for some reason not really sure why, but there's the software feature that lets you hide the notch of course if you're not into that but then also even decorate it a bit if you want to but then you can just see the notch again so I don't really see a point to doing that, but the bottom line is it's here Android P1 when it comes out will have some other apps working better with the notch, I suspect that before it happens this one will have some problems the same way the Huawei P 20 and other early Android phones with notches did, but that just about covers it for the hardware like I said pretty familiar to the V 30, but a lot of the other new differentiating things with this phone or of course in the software department and a lot of them have to do with you guessed it AI.

It kind of feels like this point like it's a buzzword that everyone's throwing around everyone's got some new AI feature in their new phone but it is here so the main place will see it in this G7 is the camera now in the camera app there is a portrait mode button and there's also this huge new AI cam button, so if you open that up you'll get this different mode that identifies and recognizes up to 18 different situations similar to what we saw with the p20, so it has a pet mode, a food mode, a sunset mode, a fruit mode, all that stuff I'll have to play with it more to see how it actually adjusts the photos once it identifies what it's taking a picture of, but one thing it does is sometimes suggests four filters based on what mode it's in that you might like based on what's in the photo, it seems like very early like no one really knows exactly what they want to do with AI and the camera, but that's what it's doing now.

There's also a new super bright camera mode which kind of acts like a knight mode and other cameras really brings up brighter exposure in nighttime or dark shots and crossing my fingers that works well and there's a portrait mode on both the back facing and front facing cameras with adjustable blur which is cool, but of course all this will have to be tested for the full review and I think this will be a real interesting phone when it actually does come out, a lot of this feels similar and familiar to people who have owned LG phones if you've owned an LG phone before this will be right at home, even if you've owned a Samsung before with all the features they pack in the settings it'll feel right at home plus a notch.

It feels like LG's biggest challenge is standing out from the pack in some way, none of the features are really went over in this article about this new phone kind of let's break it away from the pack and give you a reason to get this phone over galaxy s 9 or even pixel 2 or iPhone or whatever, it's still definitely unique with the wide-angle camera lens I'll give it that and having a headphone jack with the quad DAC that's pretty unique but outside of that you know it's pretty tough I think this phone is probably going to fly under the radar again.


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