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7 Healthy Foods to Help You Burn Calories

7 Healthy Foods to Help You Burn Calories

You might know that specific sustenances can help support your digestion and cut down on your muscle to fat ratio. Truly, there are some fat consuming nourishments that assistance make a thermogenic impact in your body which can assume a crucial job in helping you get more fit.
Burn Calories

Weight administration is imperative as it impacts each part of your life... social, physical, and passionate. In the event that you eat a solid eating routine, you will extensively drop down your chances of agony from different medical problems including coronary illness and diabetes. In this way, how about we examine the main 7 sound nourishments that assistance consume that additional fat off your body.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a storeroom staple that causes you torch additional fat by cutting you sugar yearnings. When you expend apple juice vinegar before having your supper, it will make you feel more full with less nourishment. What's more, it is likewise a characteristic technique for detoxing your body and adjusting pH of your stomach. Since the vinegar is exceptionally acidic, ensure you just include a tablespoon or two into a glass of water preceding drinking.

Notwithstanding fat misfortune, there are extra advantages of apple juice -

Enhances PCOS side effects.

Slaughters unsafe microbes and infections.

Decreases insulin and glucose.

Declines cholesterol levels.

Brings down pulse.

Lower fasting glucose.

Enhances insulin affectability.

2. Bone Broth

Utilizing chicken or meat issues that remains to be worked out soup stock can have a considerable measure of medical advantages. These sorts of bone juices contain heaps of amino acids so it assumes a vital job in chopping down the fat from your body.

Following are a portion of the key advantages of bone soup:

Secures joints - Bone stock is a characteristic wellspring of collagen, a protein found in the vertebrae of creatures - in their ligament, bones, ligaments, skin, and tendons. When we get more established, our joints have a tendency to get powerless so ensure you add bone soup to your eating regimen.

Keeps up solid skin - With the assistance of collagen, elastin is framed alongside different mixes inside the skin. This truly helps in looking after surface, tone, and energy of the skin. Collagen is additionally useful in decreasing puffiness and indications of maturing.

Backings sound working of the safe framework - Bone soup offers gut-strong advantages which bolsters the solid working of your safe framework.

3. Chia Seeds

Initially developed in Mexico, these seeds are known for its rich nutritious esteem and furthermore as a fat consuming sustenance. Expending chia seeds will help your vitality level and your continuance. Since chia seeds has high fiber content, it keeps you more full for a more drawn out, consequently counteracts indulging.

4. Chicken Breast

In the event that you are hoping to consume calories, at that point chicken bosom is the ideal fat-consuming sustenance. Only three ounces of chicken gives you 37% of your body's every day prescribed measure of protein. This will make your body feel stimulated for the duration of the day. The primary reason chicken bosom protein helps in weight reduction is that it is wealthy in leucine. It is a notable amino corrosive that keeps the muscles slender which, thusly, consumes more calories.

Ensure you select privately developed and natural chicken that removes fillers and additives.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to contain key unsaturated fats called Medium Chain Fatty Acids. These unsaturated fats help to keep you full with the goal that you eat less calories. These unsaturated fats help your body to viably consume around 120 calories all the more each and every day. The best thing about coconut oil is that it causes you lose gut fat and instinctive fat. These are the most inflexible sort of fat that additionally encompasses your inner organs and are the most hard to lose.

6. Grapefruit

Relatively few individuals know grapefruit is a standout amongst other fat-consuming nourishments. The proteins present in grapefruits assist your body with breaking down sugar and lift your digestion. Ensure you add a cut of grapefruit to your breakfast or crush some crisp grapefruit juice into your smoothie.

7. Whey Protein

You can likewise add whey protein to your smoothie which more often than not arrives in a powder. Whey protein chops down muscle to fat ratio, helps muscle tone, and lighten high glucose.
10 Best Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol

10 Best Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol

The choice to quit drinking liquor can be life-putting something aside for people who feel they are falling into liquor compulsion. Be that as it may, recouping from liquor misuse, keeping up restraint and overseeing liquor longings is a hard battle. There are numerous approaches to accomplish collectedness. For a man thinking about how they can quit drinking, here are the 10 most ideal approaches to quit drinking liquor.

1. Make an Arrangement

Make an arrangement to quit drinking liquor by setting a date. Post the date in a place where you can see it frequently. On the off chance that you are a substantial consumer, you should first log jam keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from withdrawal indications which can be possibly savage (for this situation, include your specialist in your arrangement so as to think of a more fitting date plan).

2. Recognize the Triggers

The desire to drink liquor is set off either by inward or outer triggers. The way to stop drinking and keeping up restraint is by recognizing and staying away from the triggers. Outside triggers, for example, spots, individuals and things that are related with liquor drinking practices and openings can rapidly prompt a backslide. High hazard circumstances are more self-evident, more unsurprising and are more avoidable contrasted with inside triggers.

Inside triggers are set off by musings, negative feelings, for example, disappointments, positive feelings like energy, physical sensations like migraine, nervousness and pressure. When you have distinguished the triggers, take a shot at how to keep them from driving you to drinking.

3. Keep away from High Risk Situations

The best technique to stop drinking is keeping away from high hazard circumstances. Keep away from social settings where liquor is served. Try not to purchase or keep liquor at home as this will effectively entice you. Loved ones can likewise help by abstaining from savoring liquor the nearness of those in recuperation.

4. Manufacture a Strong Support Network

Guarantee that you encircle yourself with constructive individuals. This will assist you with building and enhance your confidence and certainty. Without a positive encouraging group of people, it is hard to roll out improvements that will totally prompt balance. An accessible informal organization bolster is especially vital amid the early long periods of recuperation.

5. Convey Effectively

Having a viable correspondence with family, companions and coworkers can assist them with understanding the diverse perspectives and difficulties engaged with your street to recuperation. Conveying everything that needs to be conveyed to them will assist them with being considerably more steady and assistive.

6. Consolidate a Nutritious Diet

A sound eating regimen and legitimate hydration are vital to a heavy drinker's mending procedure. Legitimate sustenance, and additionally hydration, reestablishes physical and psychological wellness, enhancing the odds of recuperating.

Large scale and miniaturized scale supplement insufficiencies can cause low vitality levels, despondency and uneasiness, which are triggers that can prompt a backslide. Your eating regimen should consolidate sustenance composes that enhance assimilation, advance enduring glucose all through the body and enhance mind science. A sound procedure of assimilation streamlines the rate of retention of vitamins, amino acids and minerals which help to diminish liquor wanting. A satisfactory admission of lean protein guarantees that your cerebrum produces ideal measures of synapses which are related with sentiments of prosperity.

Far reaching nourishment instruction program and individualized sustenance directing have been found to enhance a 3-month restraint achievement rate in individuals with substance misuse issues. On the off chance that you wish to stop liquor drinking without anyone else, here are a couple of nourishment tips you can pursue.

Try not to roll out significant eating regimen improvements quickly. Progressive eating regimen changes will prompt a superior body consistence.

Eat nourishments that are low in fat and incorporate satisfactory levels of lean protein.

Eat normal suppers for the duration of the day

Water is the most critical supplement required for each body work. Satisfactory water consumption decreases liquor longing for.

Vitamins and mineral enhancements, for example, vitamins A& B, zinc and B-Complex are useful amid and after the recuperation stage.

7. Exercise

One method for supplanting dangerous practices is getting engaged with physical exercises. Exercise invigorates indistinguishable synapses and circuits in the mind from most addictive substances. Begin your activity routine gradually and center around quality preparing and cardiovascular activities.

8. Participate in Healthy Activities

Drunkards are known to abandon exercises that they once found pleasant. Some portion of the recuperation procedure is rediscovering past side interests and growing new interests. This will reduce weariness that can trigger a backslide and help you to seek after substantially more advantageous and satisfying options.

9. Assess Your Progress

Assess your collectedness advance by setting an assessment date. A multi day plan is more compelling with the goal that your new conduct can turn into a propensity. Assess and audit your explanations behind stopping liquor. Record the advantages and, on the off chance that you backslide, begin once more. An assessment plan will assist you with seeing how far you have come and spur you to improve the situation.

10. Treat Yourself

When you have assessed your advancement and you have accomplished a set term of balance, treat yourself. The cash which was utilized for liquor would now be able to be utilized to visit a spa, get a back rub, join a yoga class, purchase new garments or furniture or even purchase presents for your family and companions. Keeping up collectedness is tied in with seeing its substantial advantages.

Note that there is certifiably not a widespread most ideal approach to stop drinking liquor. You may need to experiment with various mixes and discover what works best for you.

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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 unboxing and key features

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 unboxing and key features

If you're a fan of huge phones and you've probably heard of Xiaomi Mi Max series and his latest release the Mi Max 3 has just arrived, so let's check it out.
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 

Let's open up this box, first you see the phone and yeah it's a big one, let's take these stickers off, not bad looking. Put it off to the side and next is the reading materials and the sim key below that is the USB type-c cable and finally the 18 watt quick charger, so now that we have the Mi Max 3 on our hands let's go over as key features.

Massive screen one of the biggest benefits of having a phone this size is this large display and yes this phone is big, take a look compared to the galaxy S9 plus.
Mi Max 3 & Galaxy S9 Plus

But though it is made of metal the Mi Max 3 actually feels sort of light for the size, it weighs in at 221 grams, still though good luck trying to use this phone with one hand.
The display itself looks great though like last year it's an LCD but now it's six point nine inches with an 18 by 9 aspect ratio, even though the resolution is still 1080p content looks sharp the experience feels quite cinematic on this big screen compared to watching on smaller phones, but you probably won't be getting cinema grade audio from the me Max's unbalanced stereo speakers, the top one is hardly pulling its own weight but at least you can plug in headphones through the 3.5 millimeter jack when you want a personal experience.

An upgraded processor, the Mi Max 3 has a Snapdragon 636 chipset with either 4 or 6 gigs of ram, it's a step up from last year's Snapdragon 625. We've seen the 636 in this year's Redmi note 5 and it blew away the 625 in benchmarks it's still a mid-range chipset though and quite power efficient, we'll have to do more testing but performance feels good.
As for MIUY 9 is responsive and we got everything installed and running in no time.

There's plenty of space too it comes with up to 128 gigs of internal storage and it is expandable the only real hiccup so far is that a lot of things on our ROM are in Chinese, but that will change when the global version is out just remember that if you buy a gray import now make sure that the seller priam sells Google Play services and can promise updates down the line.

A giant battery pack, a lot of big phones bring the benefit of a big battery and the Mi Max 3 is no exception this is a 5500 milliampere battery capacity pretty crazy, it's even bigger than last year's Mi Max 2 which is 5300 milliampere, since last year's model had a superb score in our battery tests we'd expect nothing less from the Mi Max 3, we'll have to see their support for quick charge 3.0 and with the bundle of 18 watt charger you should be able to charge at a decent speed, don't expect anything lightning fast however with a battery this large.

A new dual camera set up this year's Mi Max 3 comes with dual cameras it's the same setup as on the Redmi note 5 AI dual camera phone. There's a 12 megapixel F 1.9 main shooter with dual pixel face detection autofocus and a secondary 5 megapixel depth sensor.

The camera has AI support and it can adjust settings for you based on scene detection, if the camera performance is like the red maze daylight images should be very good.

Here's a quick shots from the Mi Max 3 for you to check out:
Camera Sample on Mi Max 3

Of course why have a dual camera if you're not going to shoot some portraits and here's a selfie sample we'll have a more in-depth analysis of the camera in our full review.

So there you have it guys, the Mi Max 3 definitely isn't for everyone, but if you don't mind the large form factor it does have a lot to offer, what do you think? let us know in the comments down below and we'll try to answer any questions you have in our for review coming soon.

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5 Cool Gadgets Under $10

5 Cool Gadgets Under $10

As far as inexpensive products are concerned I hear it a lot $3,000 speaker what's going on here all right we need to value stuff we need something I can afford this is five unique strange, unusual gadgets under $10.

1. FlashFan- smartphone led fan now it is kind of chilly where I'm located but maybe it's not for you in fact I recently traveled to India and it's surely not chilly there maybe you want something like this a little fan cool you off that plugs into your phone and I guess it looks cool at the same time they make a few models black and white color plug it into your smart phone your smart phone powers it these are a little over 10 got to be honestly these are like 13 bucks but still okay close enough.
USB light

2. The USB light- I'm going to open up the black one here plug it into a USB port this product can be used with a power bank, laptop and all other USB devices dependable and bendable I don't know if it's dependable yet I have a small power bank over here and let's see what happens boom, it's an LED why is it flashing now if you bend it it's off no is this faulty is this do a let's try another one all right so you plug it in maybe you have a power outage need a real quick flashlight that can last for a really long time and doesn't require removable batteries double-a batteries or something like that a little bendable, hopefully dependable USB light.

3. ElePack- these guys they have a pretty basic kind of proposition here which is that everybody's got a charge cable or some headphones sitting around so in your house you might have a bunch of different charge cables one of them yours your sibling they're stealing your cable who knows what they're up to they all look the same and you can't prove it after the fact comes in a bunch of different colors I mean this is this a basic lightning cable that's actually not so bad and I guess the intention here is that you cut it to size also.
Lyfelite Emergency LED bulbs

4. Lyfelite Emergency LED bulbs- it's a four to five hour emergency life of course there's all kinds of smart bulbs out there in the world you've seen them in the past and they're cool nothing wrong with those, this one kind of takes a different approach there's no app for it nothing too fancy like that and that's part of the reason why it's inexpensive and the key factor with this is when the power goes out it keeps running so it has a built-in rechargeable battery it'll be charging up as it sits in your socket and then when the power goes out this thing still has five hours of battery life, in the event of a power outage these babies they just fire on your switch still works I'm not going to ask questions it just does that's pretty cool especially at the price point these things for 4-30 and then you get for free is well under the $10 price point of the other items in this video and I don't know if that's just genius all bulbs should have that they also give you this little clip adapter so this thing they include in the Box this little clip with a hanger on it this will then act as a switch it doesn't get hot because it's an LED and once again it's durable - that's not glass 10,000 hour lifetime to a loved one in the event of a power outage they're going to be thinking about you when that light kicks on it.
storm proof sweep fire

5. The storm proof sweep fire- strikeable fire starter windproof waterproof made from renewable biofuel this will burn for seven minutes each ten bucks $9.99 for 20 of these fire starters it's made from sugarcane that's interesting outdoor use only.

There it is bunch of cool gadgets under or right around ten dollars now.

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OnePlus 6 Unboxing - Is This The One?

OnePlus 6 Unboxing - Is This The One?

In front of me I've got the latest smartphone the OnePlus 6 just announced, now I do need to say this is an un-boxing article the software that's on here is the review version it's not the final version so I can't really evaluate it right now, but I can show you what it looks like and some of the changes from the 5T.
OnePlus 6 Unboxing

So in front of me here I have the mirror black version with a hundred and twenty 8 gigabytes of storage I've also got the midnight black over there so I'll be showing you both of those and there will be a third color as well but for now it's these two.
OnePlus 6 Glass Back (Black)

The OnePlus 6, mirror black and it's got this polished look to it, it's made out of glass you can see the layout changed here in the back from the 5T you still have a dual camera setup with the fingerprint sensor now underneath it, portrait orientation here if I compare that to the 5T everything lines up now comparative to the last one.
Comapring OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6

You still have the famous OnePlus textured hold switch this will switch between the various sound modes on the device quickly and when you reach into your pocket you don't even need to see the device to know that you're touching the right switch.

The OnePlus have a USB type-c port for the - charge thankfully a headphone jack still exists in this location alright as you can see it's got some juice right now and there you have it this of course the first one plus device adopting the notch, there's something I'm happy to report here if you are not a notch fan you can actually get rid of it in the settings as you can see right here,
Hide the Notch on OnePlus 6

you can hide the notch area or show the notch area so there's something for everyone you want to get rid of it there you go even if you don't like the look of the notch you're still using that space if you see what I'm saying so it looks like it's part of the bezel, but it's displaying information for you. I think all manufacturers should do this if you are going to have the notch make it so that within the software you can disable it if you choose to, there is the ability to go into each app and configure how it deals with the notch situation.

The display is 2280 by 1080, 6.28 inches OLED very vibrant display as you've come to expect you're going to have the - charger one of the fastest chargers in the game they're also going to include a case with a smoked clear look to it, they're also going to have first party accessories including one of my favorites the OnePlus carbon fiber, some wood grain threaded kind of nylon look, the classic sandstone soft touch red material okay cool as you can see super reflective this is kind of the luxury look for my taste buds I'm more of a midnight black guy it's a more matte finish for me slightly more still a little bit less reflective, so it's a two camera setup 120 megapixel one 16 megapixel.

I know you're interested in specs this unit here it's running the new Snapdragon 845 it still has a 3300 milliamp hour battery, it'll be available in two different Ram layouts you could either get six gigabytes entry point or eight gigabytes of RAM there's also going to be three different storage options entry-level 64 gigabytes then 128 like the mirror black version I have there and you can even go up to 256 gigabytes of storage, it is a dual SIM setup as you probably hoped for.

The OnePlus 6 also has faster LTE than the previous version it's now gigabit and I was told that the design decision to go with the glass back that's right even on this midnight version the matte finish that still glass was in order to facilitate this faster LTE.

Camera sensors have gotten bigger which is something I'm sure many of you wanted to hear this should mean better low-light performance and I hate to say it I can't show you a full demonstration right now optical image stabilization and in video 4k up to 60fps, it's also going to feature super slow-mo you can get 1080p footage at 240 FPS or 720p footage at 480 fps.

Now I know you're probably curious about this screen to body ratios it's the hot topic, we now have 84% screen to body ratio keeping the same form factor though as the 5T, so you can see from a form factor perspective almost identical so it's not just the notch at the top where they gained more screen in relationship to the body you can see the chin shrunk down a little bit also from the 5T.

Now the device is also going to feature gaming mode as you might have expected there's some improvements there as well not only is it capable of blocking notifications, but it also has a network boost feature which will limit other apps network usage when gaming prioritize bandwidth for the game in an effort to lower latency for online gaming and as you can see here you can turn on gaming mode automatically for certain apps so you could put your favorite games in here so you could have it on or off depending on the game.

The OnePlus is going to retail for 529 dollars super competitive it's going to make you think, so there it is mirror black finish midnight black finish this one's probably my preference right now though I really do like the white one hopefully I'll get my hands on that one as well for the more comprehensive article for the oneplus 6.

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The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

we're trying to put together amzing things and today I think we've done that so in a previous article I showed you a set up with a really special chair kind of been upgraded it's been replaced by something even more outlandish by what I think by what I know is the ultimate gaming / workstation setup I've ever seen experience been a part of yes, it will blow your mind, yes it is completely bonkers, that's the point. Now I unveil to you my current top tier top of the food chain place to sit right here.
The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

It's too much Lou I can't handle it I can't deal with it deal with it you shall if you sat there you would know what I was talking about that one in the middle 4k LG Display 42.5 inches and then blanket with a couple portrait mode displays which is exactly what I've done right here, yeah 24 it's almost a hundred inches because you want to get immersed and of course we need the right PC to drive it all, we brought over the side X PC from the other setup we have a Playstation there as well because there's multiple inputs to this set up that's what the ultimate set up needs its RGB.

This chair here was made by a company called Imperator works and I imported this thing it's kind of the heart of this setup about this light on the front you slid it in there rigged it up it's called nano leaf that just went in there for even more.

This is where you want to be in life at most moments so from this spot you can control everything you hit the zero-g the whole thing evolve, a nice little recline going on I could be here a week the chair even has a massage built into it so you could get the nice little vibe going on this is the moment I have to give a big shout-out to SteelSeries for sponsoring this episode and also making such amazing gaming peripherals this headset is the Arctic's pro game DAC.

The rival 600 super comfy pull off these side panels and adjust the weight of it each one of these units is four grams, four of these on each side of the mouse now the keyboard is the M 750 the same lighting that you would get on a full-size but in something that's more compact now you also probably noticed this playstation controller sitting up front you might want to play a console game in here the PC gamers out there in the audience to like a setup like this and you're playing on a console, I'm offended who cares it's the ultimate setup it should have everything right the cool thing with this main displays it has a ton of inputs DisplayPort, multiple HDMI 2.0 so up to 60fps in okay even with the playstation up on the main display you still see the portrait displays on the side showcasing your gaming pc.

From a Productivity standpoint or even in an entertainment standpoint you could be multitasking here, the game is now across all three monitors believe it or not little bit difficult to do when you have portrait mode monitors on the side I've mapped it pretty well here you could play with the middle monitor and do the kind of productivity entertainment thing that I mentioned earlier, you can see we've got a decent frame rate here over 80 fps mostly.

I can't think of a better spot in the world the possibilities are endless everything is right where it should be and you really feel like you could be here for a while before fatigue sets in it's not going to be for everyone it's obviously outlandish yes it's expensive, but sitting here is a very special experience I promise you that.

So there you have it the most insane setup that I've ever put together courtesy of Steel series they fit right in, couldn't imagine not having the proper peripherals to go with a setup like this, I don't know you let me know if you've seen a crazier setup than this I don't think you have how about this you keep this ball rolling step this up even further do more crazy setups let me know in the comment below.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Perfect iMac Pro Setup

The Perfect iMac Pro Setup

Welcome to my Perfect iMac Pro Setup. So, that is an iMac Pro on a desk outside. The reason behind this is I thought it'd be fun to take this outside, shoot AK raw, and then use that to test on this iMac Pro. So with the setup, I wanted something clean, something simple, but most importantly, I wanted something to compliment and match that beautiful space gray finish.
The Perfect iMac Pro Setup

So the centerpiece of this setup is without a doubt the iMac Pro and for those who love talking specs, get them wet naps ready. This is the 10-core, three gigahertz model. 128 gigabytes of RAM, AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics with, get ready for it, 16 gigabytes of HBM2 memory.

Last but not least, this is packed with two terabytes of flash storage, which should be insanely fast. Now these go on sale this Thursday and alongside the 10-core there is the baseline 8-core, a surprise 14-core model and it will max out at 18 freaking cores.

Now for the desk, I went with the ARTIFOX DESK 02. This is their limited run black edition. It's very simple but also extremely well thought-out and compliments the iMac Pro perfectly. Now this comes in both sit and stand variations and what's awesome is it's extremely modular, so you go simple like I've done here or you can deck it out with a ton of different accessories to complement your setup. Now a couple of really smart things that come with this desk out of the box is one, you have a little cable drop towards the back so in my case I threw a wireless charger here, dropped that cable right through and it keeps things nice and clean.

And for those curious about the wireless charger, this is from Kroma Wireless and I will say on the Amazon page it looks like its space grey, clearly it's not. As much as I would have loved space grey, this is still a really nice accent and the best part about it is that it's under 15 bucks.

Now the second really smart thing with this desk is towards the front you have hooks on each side. You can probably hang a ton of different things but in this case it works amazing for a pair of headphones. So the headphones are the Focal Listen closed back over ear headphones and these were perfect for two reasons. One, aesthetically this complemented the entire setup really well and more importantly, two, they sound amazing. Focal makes some crazy high-end gear but these are under 200 bucks and honestly they're probably one of the best headphones you can get under that price point. And for the keyboard, the mouse, and in this case the trackpad I didn't have to look elsewhere because they all came with the iMac Pro.

The black keys with the space grey finish on the keyboard look beautiful across the desk. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of the Magic Mouse but in that finish it was hard not to include with this setup.

Lastly, that space grey Magic Trackpad 2, no complaints there. It works well and has the looks to match. Now as far as the speakers go, I don't think I could have planned this out any better. They weren't tweaked, modified, or customized. The Kanto YU2 Powered Desktop speakers come in this matte gray finish that is nearly a perfect match for the space grey iMac Pro. They're small but they pack a surprising amount of punch and what's cool is you connect them directly via USB to the iMac Pro. So the size paired with the finish and more importantly, how it fits on this desk all work perfectly.

Now jumping to the back of the iMac Pro this thing is pretty decked out. You have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, an SDXC card slot with UHS-II support, four USB 3.0 ports and then four Thunderbolt 3 ports in the USB-C flavor which is double what you get on the non-pro iMac.

Last up is the Ethernet port but the big thing here is that it's 10 gigabit which is a pretty big deal. Now as far as performance goes, over the next week I will be putting this thing through its paces but to get the obligatory geek bench score out of the way, on the single core side we're looking at 5,450 but more impressively, on the multi-core side that is 37,434.

So on the outside it looks like an iMac Pro with a space grey finish but on the inside it is clearly a different story.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here.. Vivo Apex

The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here.. Vivo Apex

One of the most anticipated articles that I could possibly make, in front of me today the VIVO APEX, there's like everything that happened before this and then what will come after ambition boiled down into something you can hold.
The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here.. Vivo Apex

Smartphone design is dead, we've talked a lot about differentiation in the space especially in the Android world, that one's pretty good that one's pretty good like which one every single manufacturer looked at this thing and realized immediately how do we get there, they started working the next day this screen to body ratio thing for people like you that's the challenge, that's I guess for a smartphone maker the reason to be in this business now but from a manufacturing standpoint it's a super difficult problem to approach.

I hit the Vivo Apex power button you get to see it, what this future looks like, it's not completely bezel-less there's a tiny little bit of a chin, 1.8 millimeters on the top as well as the sides and 4.3 millimeters on a little tiny chin at the bottom, when the people from vivo brought it over there like No, the goal is zero bezel.

First of all in order to achieve this there's a whole different manufacturing process necessary which is part of the reason why you can't buy this phone right now, what it would cost to put this thing together is beyond what normal people will be willing to pay for a phone at least right now. The goal is to make the bezel identical the whole way around, if you show the Vivo Apex to me when I was 15 years old I'd be like that man is living in the future.

This particular design introduces all kinds of problems, where's the front-facing camera, where are the proximity sensors, how do you unlock the device? But believe it or not they're here in the function surprisingly well, so first off let's talk about this front-facing camera it doesn't exist on the bezel at all it's up on the top and it's recessed, it's kind of nice to look at a display and not stare at a camera so I just I just think the hidden camera thing has some positive attributes for people who might be a little bit sensitive to having a lens facing them all the time, all right privacy concerns whatever it's a full-on motor that will push the camera up.

It's unprecedented the beard hair test I understand some of the apprehension about this particular decision it's moving parts it could possibly fail the level of concern that you have it almost directly maps to how important selfies or video conferencing is to you personally if you're that kind of person is using the front-facing camera I'm going to go with you have a valid concern there would be some serious engineering necessary to make that motorized front-facing camera lasts for five thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand actuations.

Some other interesting things about the design here power switch is actually it's over where your finger lands, it's not where your thumb is, I do like this round button actually it's very distinctive, you probably notice down here on the bottom bar we have this fingerprint indicator this is a demo, you can increase the security level by requiring two thumb prints instead of one to unlock the device.

If I bring up the test you're going to see what the potential lock screen would look like and in this case it's asking me to authenticate two fingerprints at the same time now this is a possibility because of the size of the sensor area, now when these began to emerge the size of that area was much smaller the technology adjusts you, according to vivo the goal for the fingerprint scanner is to eventually be the entire screen.

I have to sit when I saw this emerged on the web I was very skeptical and now having tried it myself I had to say I think it exceeds my expectations even though it's a little bit slow works surprisingly well on a product that's just a concept.

There are some security disadvantages to an optical fingerprint sensor you are correct Apple is but it made a huge deal of this face ID thing multiple points it's a big topic of conversation right now and it's true optical scanners might not be the absolute most secure method of authentication, that said you can always put the old-school pin code in.

What we're seeing on the Viva Apex is sort of an initial stage I expect to see improvement let's get back to the display real quick, so why is it so interesting to have a bezel list display? as the screens grow if the device grows along with it you end up with these really large objects in your pocket I know that bothers Ryan to no end so the shrinking bezel is an antidote because everybody wants a big screen the goal is around 98% screen to body ratio so when you hold this thing it's basically all screen, how impressive this screen to body ratio is, how much video you get in such a small form-factor.

Another thing that kind of surprised me about this device it maintains a headphone jack alongside the USB type-c connector we have a traditional 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and I was like if this is the phone of the future is the headphone jack still a thing? I'm not so certain, I kind of like it because it gives a real nod to the tech community and the fact that we still value it, why I think it makes sense why not it's not doing anything to the form factor it's not making the phone bigger or harder to hold there's a really no downside they do have an OLED panel in the phone which as far as I'm concerned is the best you can do right now it's a flexible OLED panel because it actually has to be wrapped so that they can get these ultimate slim bezels and beyond that the microchips have to be mounted directly to the flexible circuit in order to fit, that's where the complexity comes in.

How do you manufacture that at scale? But what's particularly compelling about this concept is the fact that it works so well, this isn't Samsung doing this, this isn’t Apple doing this, and this is vivo doing this. The package (Vivo Apex) functions surprisingly close to something that's finished.

I came here knowing that I was going to look at something impressive, but I have to say as a package deal the Vivo Apex has exceeded even that I believe even more now in my original tweet in which I said smartphone design is dead for everybody else in the game it's time to scramble reconfigure throw the design team out the door and figure out how to make a screen that you hold and that you see in the absence of anything else.

Kitchen gadgets that are actually useful

Kitchen gadgets that are actually useful

The best piece of the kitchen is that it's a position of sustenance. Second to that, preparing and cooking are positively fun. While tidying up is dependably an errand, these kitchen devices will influence you to appreciate everything much more.
Kitchen gadgets that are actually useful

If you consider revamping your kitchen with the right accessories and gadgets, you’ll not only be able to cook faster but also be more efficient in meal-planning. Take air-fryers, for example, that are helping us eat better and tastier by using minimal oil. Or, sous-vide cooking devices that can cook for hours and hours without even requiring you to be in the kitchen. These useful gadgets don’t just help you manage your cooking time in a smarter way but also help you eat healthily in the process.

Here are some of our favorite kitchen gadgets, both tech and non-tech, to prep your kitchen this spring.

Get ahead with prepping

Prepping always takes the precedence when it comes to cooking a perfect meal. Here’s how you can get ahead with the right countertop accessories:

Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Knife Sharpener
Did you know that a sharp knife is actually safer than a dull knife? This revolutionary system uses flexible abrasive belt technology, the same method for making knives. The E5 Sharpener features sharpening guides, which produce a consistently superior edge every time you sharpen.

Index Range by Joseph Joseph

This is a stylish stainless steel case that comes with four large chopping boards. Each one is color-coded with non-slip feet on both sides as well as index-style tabs. With this system, you can always be sure you’re using the right cutting board.

Yeti Touch Defrosting Tray

Featuring innovative design and materials, this tray actually defrosts your food twice as fast as leaving it on the counter. The Yeti Touch is complete with an aero-aluminum tray with enamel coating. This FDA food-grade material works to quickly and efficiently defrost any type of food.

Cook with your phone

In addition to calls, texts, and running our smart devices, you can also use your smartphone to cook.

Mellow Intelligent Sous Vide

This must-have kitchen companion does the legwork for your recipes to ensure you get only the best flavors. Mellow has the capacity to fit up to six portions at once so you can serve the entire family. Simply fill with water and use the Mellow bags for your food.

Tasty One Top Smart Hot Plate

This cooking tool is developed by Tasty, the viral Buzzfeed cooking channel. It features a unique engineered crystal glass surface. In addition, the surface is complete with integrated sensors so you can monitor your food from afar.

Store food wisely

Food storage isn’t confined to just having a good refrigerator. You also need to make sure you employ those ways of food storage to keep everything fresh for longer.

FoodGuard Adaptable Super Lid

Whether it’s Tupperware with a lost lid or a casserole, the FoodGuard stretches to cover it all. You’ll never have to waste time searching for a lid again. In addition, the highly durable material forms an airtight seal to prevent any mess.

Vacuvita Home Base Food Storage Vacuum

Complete with patented technology, this device removes the air from your food, bags, and containers. With this method, your food will last longer than ever. The Vacuvita Home Base is perfect for your leftovers as well as for meal prep.

FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing System

Compatible with most FoofSaver containers, it works with a latch and lock operation that can eventually reduce the usage of bag material by up to 40%. Since it helps keep air out, your food stays fresh for longer than general FoodSaver units.

Tackle waste like a pro

Food waste, if not taken care of, can be a big concern for the kitchen. With these new-age recyclers, you can now turn waste into fertilizer and use it in your garden.

FoodCycler Eco-Friendly Food Recycler

The FoodCycler actually reduces food waste by up to 90%. And, the soil is perfect for your garden. All you have to do is remove the lid, drop in your food scraps, and run the system once the bucket is full. In just three hours, you have nutrient-rich soil at your disposal.

Biovessel Living Composter Worm Farm

Totally odorless, the Biovessel is as beautiful as it is functional. The modern aesthetic makes it something you want to display and be proud of. Simply pour in your leftover fruit and veggies, grains, and even tea bags to get growing.

For the health conscious

Eating healthy begins at home. Here are some devices that ensure your food and water intake is on track.

Dash Compact Electric Air Fryer

Featuring AirCrisp technology, the air fryer quickly circulates air to cook ingredients while maintaining the crispy texture of fried foods. Additionally, you don’t even need to use oil. By air frying food, it reduces added fat by up to 80% without losing any flavor.

Drinkpod 1000 Series Cooling Water Filter

This appliance delivers the freshest water right to your glass in just seconds. In fact, its built-in filtration system provides 100x more powerful purification than your refrigerator.

Little kitchen hacks

There are plenty of smaller things you can do that will have a big impact on your cooking efficiency. They can cut down on prep as well as cleanup.

Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver

The Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver ensures that your utensils don’t fall into the soup or make a mess during meal prep. Additionally, Hug Doug easily adjusts to grip most of your kitchen tools using flexible silicone.

BakeSplit Baking Sheet Divider

This incredible gadget separates your baking sheet into two watertight sections. With the Bakesplit in place, your food, sauces, juices, and more will stay on their respective side. The Bakesplit is perfect for creating entire meals on a single baking sheet.

Dessert paradise

We love making those desserts. We’d love them even more if they took less time to prepare.

Wim Instant Frozen Yogurt Device

Working with the included pods, this device gives you ultra tasty dessert in less than ten minutes. Simply open the pod, add milk, and load the pod of your choice into the machine. With a press of a button, Wim begins to mix and stir as it freezes your tasty treat.

Hand-Polished Ice Cream Scoop

The scoop emerges from a die-cast tool and is a design that is both elegant and durable. Each piece is hand-polished and feels just right in your hand.

Beverage time

A great way to enhance your meals and wind down after a long day, a tipple does wonders in the kitchen.

Plum Fully Automatic Wine Dispenser

Because consuming an entire bottle of wine in a single sitting isn’t always ideal, the Plum system can hold up to 750ml of your favorite wine, perfectly chilled and preserved, for up to 90 days.

BrewQube Countertop Draft Beer System

With thousands of craft beers to choose from, this technology ensures you get the best taste out of your favorite beverage. The BrewQube is designed to sit right on your countertop. The interactive system uses built-in sensors and WiFi to communicate the vitals of your beer, including temperature, beer volume, gas level, and more.

Grow your veggies indoors

Convenient and green, this is the way of the future.

Botanium Hydroponic Edible Plant Grower

With this style of growing, this garden uses no soil yet gives you delicious herbs, tomatoes, and more. In addition to this simple system, the Botanium automatically waters the plant on its own.

Smart Garden 9

This new garden by Click & Grow focuses on upgrading the way you grow your veggies at home. While on one hand, the NASA inspired Smart Soil gives them the optimal water, oxygen, and nutrients, the LED grow lights gives them the energy they need to survive.

Presentation is (almost) everything

They say that you eat a meal with your eyes before anything else. Why not accompany your dish with the best of the best?

Knork Innovative Flatware Sets
Featuring an ergonomic design, Knork flatware accurately fits the way we naturally eat. Combining function and innovation, Knork’s patented design includes an entire range of modern flatware that offers comfort, stability, and style.

The First Vinyl-Inspired Porcelain Plate

These plates come with a beautiful porcelain finish, are dishwasher & microwave safe as well as certified for food use. The idea is simple: give the appeal of an LP to a standard plate.

Kitchen furnishings redefined

With these, you can work even faster in the kitchen.

Moen Ridgedale Motion Activated Faucet

Featuring beautiful stainless steel, this kitchen faucet will always look its best. The Ridgedale Faucet is complete with a high-arc pull-down spout. With a single motion of your hand, you can easily turn this faucet on and off. Instantly, the Ridgedale Faucet delivers a free-flowing stream of water.

Tetra Connected Countertop Dishwasher

Incredibly innovative, this smart home device is a miniature and intelligent dishwasher. Unlike the bulky machine in most homes, the Tetra Dishwasher is ideal for homes with two to three people.

We spend a considerable amount of our time in the kitchen. By making sure that our kitchen is well equipped with the right accessories, we’re one step closer to enjoying the way we cook and eat this spring.

Friday, 4 May 2018

LG G7 ThinQ Impressions

LG G7 ThinQ Impressions

This is your first look at the brand new LG G7 ThinQ, so I'd actually described this g7 kind of like a V 30 but updated for 2018 so if you don't know if you're a member of the LGV 30 one of the most underrated phones of last year, basically this feels like a very reactive phone in 2018 meaning it doesn't really do anything new that we haven't seen before but a lot of the things it does it has its own little LG twist on it.
LG G7 ThinQ

On the outside is looking familiar right, this one's silver but there will be four colors it's glass on the back and then aluminum around the rails, yes it does have wireless charging and yes it is really reflective, but not as bad as some others. The biggest difference is now it actually has a real power button on the right side instead of just using the fingerprint reader on the back as a power button and on the other side you'll probably notice the volume rocker and then a weight look another button that is the Google assistant button.

That's actually I'm surprised is the first time we've seen a dedicated button for Google assistant in a phone, not counting the squeeze feature of the pixel that's not a button, so you can press it to open the assistant or hold down and it'll let you ask certain things with custom voice commands kind of like a walkie-talkie, but that's all this button does, so it's kind of like the Galaxy S9 bixby button, but better because it's Google assistant, but here's the thing I didn't just roast the bixby button because Bixby is bad, it was because the button also wasn't remappable it was either on or off you couldn't make it do anything else, this Google assistant button on the G7 is also not remappable and I have to stay fair and say you should also be able to remap that button not just because it's an assistant button because it's an extra button on a phone you should be able to whatever you want with it, so you'll be able to enable it or disable it through the software, but no one wants a useless extra button on their phone when it's disabled so I encourage LG to allow us to remap it to a custom software button.

Around to the back the cameras orientation for the dual cameras is now vertical, very 2018 putting dual cameras like this but they still keep the flash and the laser autofocus outside of the camera module, I kind of like it better when they put everything inside the same module but that's just me it feels cleaner that way, either way G7s camera bump is really small it's in the middle of the phone it's not bad and on the cameras themselves might be the standout distinguishing feature of this phone, so two 16 megapixel cameras and F 1.6 aperture and the one is still a super wide angle instead of a telephoto, so LG sticking to their guns this year but this time it's a slightly less extremely fisheye still wide angle though.

No photo or video samples with the final software available yet though, that's something we're going to have to test for the full review and that goes along to say - with things like battery life on that 3000 milliamp hour battery and just general performance through LG's software on top of Android Oreo, but I think we kind of know what we're getting ourselves into here with snapdragon 845 and 4 gigs of ram it's probably pretty good.

G7 is taking all the boxes it's built well, it's ip68 water-resistant, it has a micro SD card expansion slot, if you look at the bottom of the phone yes it absolutely still does have the headphone jack backed by that impressive 32-bit quadact, so LG stays committed to that premium audio experience and that little speaker down there it looks the same but they are much louder. “LG says it's about 40% louder” from hearing it I'd say it's definitely a lot louder but what's actually more interesting is you can feel it vibrating and moving the whole phone, the speaker uses some of the space inside the phone and it acts as a literal resonance chamber and you can actually put your hand up at the bottom of the phone and feel air moving out of it which is really impressive, but also just holding it it's vibrating your hand it's actually pretty cool.

Filling the bass actually move air from a phone is impressive but the sad part is there's no stereo speaker action happening so this tiny speaker grille is it and it's really easy to block accidentally sadly, but then this main attraction of the phone is up at the front it's got the display a 6.1 inch 31 20 by 1440 IPS display with a notch, this one's interesting it's a big display with small bezels obviously so that's great for 2018 there's a bit of a small chin more than some other phones, but not so big that it's like a huge problem for me, but the interesting part of their choice is to go with an LCD panel instead of an OLED. The biggest benefit to this was they're super bright mode there's a little toggle and the brightness slider which is basically when you're outdoors you can boost up this display as brightness by a lot and I can definitely say it's effective Samsung also kind of has something like this and it's also an OLED display but nobody can do panels quite like Samsung's so as long as what LG is doing here is effective I don't mind it works I got to use this one outdoors for a bit as you can tell and it looked pretty good to me it's also colorful it's definitely sharp and it gets bright and it has this nice little notch up at the top just in time for 2018, LG in the settings calls it a second new screen for some reason not really sure why, but there's the software feature that lets you hide the notch of course if you're not into that but then also even decorate it a bit if you want to but then you can just see the notch again so I don't really see a point to doing that, but the bottom line is it's here Android P1 when it comes out will have some other apps working better with the notch, I suspect that before it happens this one will have some problems the same way the Huawei P 20 and other early Android phones with notches did, but that just about covers it for the hardware like I said pretty familiar to the V 30, but a lot of the other new differentiating things with this phone or of course in the software department and a lot of them have to do with you guessed it AI.

It kind of feels like this point like it's a buzzword that everyone's throwing around everyone's got some new AI feature in their new phone but it is here so the main place will see it in this G7 is the camera now in the camera app there is a portrait mode button and there's also this huge new AI cam button, so if you open that up you'll get this different mode that identifies and recognizes up to 18 different situations similar to what we saw with the p20, so it has a pet mode, a food mode, a sunset mode, a fruit mode, all that stuff I'll have to play with it more to see how it actually adjusts the photos once it identifies what it's taking a picture of, but one thing it does is sometimes suggests four filters based on what mode it's in that you might like based on what's in the photo, it seems like very early like no one really knows exactly what they want to do with AI and the camera, but that's what it's doing now.

There's also a new super bright camera mode which kind of acts like a knight mode and other cameras really brings up brighter exposure in nighttime or dark shots and crossing my fingers that works well and there's a portrait mode on both the back facing and front facing cameras with adjustable blur which is cool, but of course all this will have to be tested for the full review and I think this will be a real interesting phone when it actually does come out, a lot of this feels similar and familiar to people who have owned LG phones if you've owned an LG phone before this will be right at home, even if you've owned a Samsung before with all the features they pack in the settings it'll feel right at home plus a notch.

It feels like LG's biggest challenge is standing out from the pack in some way, none of the features are really went over in this article about this new phone kind of let's break it away from the pack and give you a reason to get this phone over galaxy s 9 or even pixel 2 or iPhone or whatever, it's still definitely unique with the wide-angle camera lens I'll give it that and having a headphone jack with the quad DAC that's pretty unique but outside of that you know it's pretty tough I think this phone is probably going to fly under the radar again.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

How FAST is the 18-Core iMac Pro?

How FAST is the 18-Core iMac Pro?

18-cores and iMac are probably two things you would never expect to say in the same sentence, but with the iMac Pro that is a thing. This is the fastest iMac Pro you can buy. 18-core AMD Vega 64 graphics, 128 gigabits of Ram, and a 4 terabyte SSD.
How FAST is the 18-Core iMac Pro?

So I've got a chance to spend the last couple of days with this monster of an iMac, and I really wanted to focus on performance. For reference I'll be showcasing it against a 10-core Vega 64 iMac Pro, as well as an 8-core Vega 56 model.

So jumping into the obligatory Geek bench 4 score because honesty it's just kind of fun to see where this 18-core stacked up. This did not disappoint with a multi-core score of over 48,000. Now what was a little surprising but also positive is you don't lose that much in terms of the single-core score compared to the 10-core model especially considering that the base clock on this is 2.3 gigahertz. Also what was kind of interesting for me, this was the first time I've got a chance to stack up the one terabyte, two terabyte, and four terabyte as it's reconfigurations. The bad news is the four terabyte really isn't much faster than the two terabyte or one terabyte for the matter, but on the flip side of that the good news is no matter which route you go, you're going to get pretty much the same performance across the board.

Now as far as how that power translates into performance, the first thing I did was taking 8K raw footage. It was about 100 gigabytes or just over 26 minutes of footage and trans-coded that into 8K ProRes. To do this I used REDCINE-X program which really puts those cores to work. Like it was maxing them out. With the 18-core especially when you factor in multiple threads, seeing 36 insistence's running at the same time is kind of a beautiful thing. As far as what those cores translate it to, the 18-core iMac pro took a little over 39 minutes, the 10-core was 46 minutes, and 8-core iMac pro did the job in just about 51 minutes. Now your initial reaction might be five, six minutes that's not that big of a deal, but where it counts is when you do that multiple times per day, multiply that every day for a week, for a year, that's where that really makes a difference.

So next up is Cinema 4D. This is a custom scene that was tweaked by my buddy Matt Workman. But essentially it is only using the CPU to render out the scene so it's a great way to showcase the performance between the processors. The 18-core rendered everything out in four minutes flat. The 10-core was four minutes and 48 seconds. While the 8-core finished everything up in six minutes and four seconds. Again, much like the Red Raw transcoding these numbers and this time save on a small scale might not seem like the biggest deal, but over time, it definitely adds up.

From there jumping over to Final Cut Pro 10. Red Raw, the iMac Pro, and final cut pro have been amazing. To give you a little run down on this project I have 8K Red Raw footage at a 12 compression. This was shot in Reds IPP2 logs have a lot of applied a few layers of color correction and then I back he rendering off to really put iMac Pro's to work. So the raw time line which is unrendered is about three minutes and taking that next importing it into a ProRes 422 file the 18-core iMac pro did that in five minutes and 51 seconds, the 10-core six minutes and 34 seconds, and the 8-core seven minutes and 22 seconds. Even though the 10-core iMac-Pro still has the fastest single two out of turbo clock speed. In this case you can see in terms of final cut, the extra cores do actually make a difference. In my continuing search of programs that really take advantage of the processing power, Screenflow 7 actually takes really big advantage of all those cores with the iMac Pro. What I did was taking a 5K screen recording, had a three minute project and then exported that into 4K H.264 footage. The 18-core iMac pro did that in one minute 48 seconds. The 10-core two minutes and 24 seconds, and lastly the 8-core iMac Pro, two minutes and 46 seconds.

Now I did mess a little bit with Adobe Media Encoder. Took A6500 footage is about ten minutes of 4K video. I tried to transcode that into 422 ProRes. The 18-core did that in six minutes 54 seconds, the 8-core was eight minutes and 36 seconds, but for some reason, the 10-core was actually slower than the 8-core at ten minutes and eight seconds. But from what I could tell, Adobe Media Encoder really wasn't taking advantage of all that hardware. I'm going to do a little more research and a little more investigating, but I did want to share those preliminary Adobe results first.

Now plot twist those motion graphics benchmarks featured throughout this video were created in After Effects so naturally I thought it would make sense to render then out on these iMac Pros. So for total of six independent renders the 18-core iMac Pro finished everything up in ten minutes and 36 seconds. The 10-core was actually the fastest here at nine minutes and 43 seconds, and then the 8-core iMac Pro did the job in 12 minutes and 19 seconds.

So these numbers kind of tell me a couple different things. One, the clock speed on the 10-core iMac Pro here in this case definitely makes a difference and two based off those comparisons against Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe is clearly not taking full advantage of the hardware on these iMac Pros. Honestly I still think the 10-core iMac Pro is the best value in terms of bang for your buck with performance. But, if you need that sheer processing power, those 18-cores really come in handy.

Now if you line the eight, the ten and 18-core in my case the only one I haven't checked out yet is the 14-core. In terms of price and what you gain performance wise it's a pretty even jump. So if you transcode a ton on a day to day basis, or potentially use really CPU intensive programs like Cinema 4D, that's maybe where those extra cores come into play. But if you’re asking me, I still think again the best bang for your buck is the 10-core iMac Pro. But nonetheless the 18-core iMac Pro is a super solid performer, it is very, very powerful.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The truth about the Apple iPhone X - Review!

The truth about the Apple iPhone X - Review!

The iPhone X, it's not perfect, but it is really good. Today I am diving deep into the iPhone X both the good and the bad, and if you picked one up I would love to know what your experience has been so far.
The truth about the Apple iPhone X - Review!

So with the iPhone X, there are couple key elements that make this phone what it is, the first of which being the display. It's a 5.8 inch OLED panel with a classically weird Apple resolution of 2436 by 1125 and weird numbers aside it looks really good. I think any doubt or concern with the display not being bright enough has been put to rest It's super bright the colors are extremely accurate and honestly the display is one of the most enticing features of the iPhone X.

Now for the million dollar question of "Is there any blue shift?" And yeah, if you look for and you tilts it off access you will definitely see a little bit of that. It is by no means Pixel 2 XL status, but there's no denying if you're a little tilt and shift crazy you are going to see a little bit of blue. Now the reason Apple is able to squeeze so many screens into the iPhone X because Of what is probably The biggest change to ever come to the iPhone and that is the omission of the home button, It is completely gone.

Honestly, I got used to this and adjusted to it way Way faster than I thought I would no joke every time I pick up a phone that is not the iPhone X, I find myself Wanting to swipe up to go home. Now for the most part this works incredible And I don't find myself missing the home button, but there are a couple dumb things.

One is Control Center- that used to be a one-handed move where you swipe up and that's how you access Control Center, but now you got to swipe down all the way on the top. Right and most of the time to comfortably do that you need to use two hands. Conversely, You can enable reachability Which is not enabled by default, so pro-tip head in to Settings > General > Accessibility Once you have it enabled you can access for reachability by doing this really Really precise swipe down at the bottom edge of the phone It's definitely easier than having to reach all the way towards the top right of the phone and then swiping down, but it's still two steps, and I don't think it's a foolproof solution.

Now, I know Snazzy Q is busting out of the seams and has this well thought out to elaborate solution to this But I would also love know what you guys think is a better alternative to this weird Control Center option We have now. From there the other slightly dumb thing that's not really a huge deal is how you exit out of apps before all I used to do is open up multitasking and swipe Up and that was it, Now once you're in the multitasking window you actually got to hold the app wait for that little minus icon And then you can swipe out and exit out. Yeah, it's not the biggest deal in the world and before anybody yells at me I totally get it technically you don't have to exit of apps, but for me it’s just kind of one of those unnecessary Two-step movements.

Now with the lack of home button, the way you enable Siri is by one saying Hey [Siri], Not going to say that and trigger your phone or two Holding the side button. Now one slightly annoying thing is if you have Do Not Disturb enabled, unless you are in Control Center There is no way to know that it's on, whether you're in the lock screen or actually in the phone There is no icon in the top right-hand corner Which makes it super easy to forget that it's on.

Now from there that kind of leads into the next Controversial thing with the iPhone X that is the notch. Initially every mostly angry tech fans on Twitter seem to hate it, honestly though the notch really isn't a big deal like 95% of the time I don't realize it's there. The only time I do notice it is when I'm watching Widescreen video because the way that's formatted that notch is creeping its way in there and there is nothing you can do about it. Now the flip side of that for most YouTube videos that are in 16:9 you are not seeing the notch whatsoever. Yes, you can zoom in, but for the most part that’s not the optimal viewing experience because you are chopping off heads.

Over the weekend both Kevin Kenson and Austin Evans dropped some Incredible looking widescreen video and watching those back on the iPhone X, it kind of got me thinking Is this the future of content especially with more and more of these phones headed in that direction.

Next is FaceID that feature that anyone anti-Apple deep down really wanted to fail, but it actuality it was really well done and well executed. Just like the iPhone X FaceID isn't perfect, but it's really good for me. It has to have worked like 98% of the time there really hasn't been too many times where it's failed. It absolutely works at night, in the dark, whether you're in a car. I've been in planes where it's worked flawlessly. On the opposing end of that spectrum. It's worked great outdoors, in sunlight with glasses on, with a hat on. The only time I've ever really had trouble with it is in the middle of the nights when I wake up. I got one Eye closed and then it kind of trips up but for the most part it’s worked really well, and I haven't really missed TouchID. I think where FaceID really shines is for password based applications especially when you're browsing online you're already looking at the phone So it kind of becomes this instant thing that you don't really think about, The other pro with FaceID in the case where your hands are wet or it is crazy cold outside And you're forced to wear gloves Yes, the same argument could be made with FaceID in the situations where it doesn't work, but overall as a whole I think it's a step in the right direction Hasn't slowed me down at all.

Now because of all that tech required for FaceID that is also yielded Animojis I guarantee you by now You've probably seen some an Animoji Karaoke in your feed, I kind of wish I had a dollar for every time someone said "The iPhone X [Ecks], the thousand dollar emoji machine. One, It's an Animoji and two, it's kind of fun man. So are Animojis is the sole reason why you would buy an iPhone X? Absolutely not. If you want to use them, they're there, but if you don't, no one's forcing you.

Now as far as performance that A11 Bionic chip inside the iPhone X is no joke. Everything from Multitasking to gestures to gaming is buttery smooth. Now with all that power one area where the iPhone X and even 8 and 8 Plus For that matter excels at and are kind of in a league of its own is AR, It's still really early in terms of the development of apps and games, but there's some pretty incredible stuff out there And if you own an iPhone X or 8 or 8 Plus and haven't checked out augmented reality yet It is a lot of fun. I will say it's worth mentioning This is the exact same chip also found in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus so it's kind of a testament to their performance as well, but as far as smartphone performance goes it is not even close right now.

"But the iPhone X doesn't have as many cores as..." Clearly it is not about the cores because there is some insane performance Coming out the iPhone X as well as the 8 and 8 Plus. So now that we're fired up and before anyone asked. What about the iOS bugs? Why did I have to bowl? Yes, performance on the iPhone X is incredible, but there is no denying iOS has been a little weird especially No one can forget that weird stupid, "I" glitch where you type an "I" and it autocorrected it into some weird characters and a question mark. It has been since updated and fixed But it was out there for a long time and honestly that was one of the weirdest, dumbest, most annoying bugs I've ever dealt with on a smartphone so to say the iPhone X has been an overall smooth experience isn't quite the case.

Shift into some positive, the camera in the iPhone X has been incredible. Again, this features dual lenses, a wide-angle and a telephoto lens, but the big thing here is that telephoto lens now features optical image stabilization. Now we first saw this dual lens with OIS on the Note 8 It's something the iPhone 8 Plus does not have and it definitely makes a difference. The biggest thing I've noticed jumping from wide-angle to telephoto is that you're getting a much more consistent image in terms of low light and low light performance, Portrait mode in terms of the rear facing camera is excellent I think Apple does a really great job with this. As a whole there really isn't much to complain as far as the camera goes on the iPhone X. Images are crisp, they're sharp, they're vibrant, they're saturated.

Now as far as the front-facing camera goes I would say it is equally as impressive as the rear camera my only real gripe with it Portrait selfies. Regular selfies look great; lighting, color, skin tones. My only complaint is I wish it was just a little wider something I've always liked on Samsung phones, but as far as those Portrait selfies go it just seems like it's not quite there yet. The actual image quality and skin tones and color all look great, but for whatever reason it seems to have a real hard time with both hair and in my case Ears where it just doesn't get those correctly.

With the Pixel 2, the images sometimes over sharpened whereas with the iPhone I much prefer the more natural look so if we could somehow combine both these elements that would be amazing now. I think the Pixel 2 might have the slight edge on the iPhone X as far as photos Go there is no comparison in terms of video. The color, the ability to go up to 4K 60 frames per seconds the image stabilization on the iPhone X is second to none. You have slow motion at 1080p, up to 240 frames per second which is ridiculous, so if you use your phone to capture and create video, the iPhone X is kind of in a league of its own as far as that goes.

From their notable mentions, battery life on the iPhone X has been surprisingly good. It's not as good as something like that from 8 Plus or 7 Plus for that matter, but it is definitely better than both the iPhone 7 and 8. For me I've been averaging about 6 to 8 hours of usage, so getting through day is not a problem whatsoever. The stereo speakers in the iPhone X yeah, they're not going to blow your mind, but I do enjoy having that feature and it does make a difference over phones that don't have stereo speakers.

As a whole I think the iPhone X is the best and most exciting thing Apple's put out in a very long time. I'm excited to see where this goes in the future not only with Apple specifically, but with the smart phone game as a whole. What I'm saying is that it's a great time to be alive in terms of smart- phone technology and technology in general right now. The iPhone X is definitely a part of that.

Friday, 20 April 2018

The Perfect Minimal Laptop Desk Setup

The Perfect Minimal Laptop Desk Setup

This is my take on a perfect, minimal laptop setup that you can plug in, and dual functions as a desktop. So there are three main components to this setup, the laptop, the desk, and the monitor.
The centerpiece is the 2018 14" LG Gram, which is portable, crazy light, but also packs a surprising amount of power. Inside are Intel's eighth generation I7 CPU, 8 gigabytes of ram, and a 512 gigabyte SSD. Unlike most laptops, and phones these days, that seem to get rid of every single port, this packs a ton, and specifically a really crucial element to this setup, this USB C-port.
The Perfect Minimal Laptop Desk Setup

This supports data, video, and power, and that allows it to connect the laptop to the monitor, and even charge it with a single cable, which is awesome. On top of that, you have a finger print reader, a beautiful display that also doubles as a touchscreen, so you kind of get the best of both worlds.
There's a back-lit keyboard, fantastic audio when you want to rock head phones, and as impressive as all that is, again, what stands out most to me is how light weight this thing is. When you pick it up, you kind of almost got to do a double take, it is that light. Plus, you're going to get crazy long battery life out to this laptop, up to 17 and half hours, which means you won't have to worry about being stuck to an outlet.

So when you combine that portability, with the power and flexibility, that kind of rounds this out as the perfect laptop to take on the go.

We, of course, are not just on the go, so dive in a little deeper into the setup. The desk is a combo from Ikea. Like usual, I'm most likely going to butcher these names. This is the Gerton table top, and that is paired with the Oddvald trestle legs. This combo is simple, but also very satisfying. Those dark legs with the light wood top contrast really well together, and I'm going to tell you, that is some seriously solid wood. Now from there, that beautiful monitor sitting on the desk is LG's 27 UK 850-W, which is 4K, features HDR 10 and USB-C, which makes all the magic happen.

This is a gorgeous, crisp display, with super accurate colors, but again, the magic here is that USB-C port, which connects the Gram, and allows us to do everything with a single cable. So again, data, power, and video all through a single cable, and that's really important because it allows us to leave everything but the laptop at the desk.

The keyboard and mouse, which is an ergonomic combo from Microsoft, run off a USB receiver. So instead of having to leave that plugged in the laptop, potentially worrying about losing it, I can just leave that plugged into the monitor, and because everything is sent through that single cable, again, that's why everything is so simple and so convenient. Touching back on the keyboard and the mouse, this is my first time ever using or trying something ergonomic. It was a little weird at first, but after getting used to it I could definitely see where the benefits were. And if you're someone who types for hours and hours every single day, I would definitely consider checking these out.

Now to throw in a variation of this setup, the display will also rotate vertically. So in the instance where you potentially wanted to use your LG Gram as your main display, and take advantage of that vertical real estate, you can also do that as well.

Now this looks awesome, but for me, I've never really used a vertical display, or been a fan, but if you rock one in your setup, Now initially when I asked you guys on twitter what this setup might need, the number one answer was "a chair". Unfortunately, this chair cannot do this, but the good new is, it is not 399, it is much cheaper. In fact, it's around 60 bucks on Amazon. It's insanely comfortable, complements the desk legs really well, and side note, it's what allowed me to grab some of the shots in this video.

Now potentially, the most interesting thing about this setup has got to be the speakers, which is actually LG's SJ7 soundbar. What caught my eye with this is the sound bar actually is split off into two separate stereo speakers, so you can use them in a multitude of ways. For this setup, it allowed for a really unique vertical look which I think looks awesome, but why it works so well with this is the fact that I can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth to the LG Gram.

There's also a subwoofer, which kind of rounds out the sound, gives you that "umph" down low, and even though these speakers weren't meant for desktop, they work amazingly well, and I think round out the entire experience. That again follows the idea of leaving everything but the laptop at the desk, that way when I come back, I have a keyboard, I have a mouse, and I have a beautiful display and amazing sounding audio.

Lastly, I have no idea where I found this plant, but if I find it, I will drop a link down below. That also includes the salt lamp, because I know you were thinking about that. Thank you guys so much for watching.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

I've done some smartphone roundups, some camera comparisons in the past, I've done these very objective very numerical evaluations of how good the camera performance was and what these things are capable of, but that was back in 2014, now that is 2018 smartphone cameras have gotten so good that the difference between the top five best smartphone cameras meaning the ones that you buy because you take a lot of photos and videos the difference is so small, it's gotten so small that the difference is way less about like objective differences in performance like better or less dynamic range or more or less megapixels and it's more just about personal preference which one you think looks a little bit better,
  • maybe want to have some software features you like or 
  • maybe one has a little bit of a different hue it just looks a little better in the color
To prove that I have the top 5 best smartphone cameras out here and I've taken identical photos with all of them, a bunch of them from the exact same angles and you decide the winner, we're going to go through A B C D and E, you can see if you can pick one of them that you like better than the others, you can look at what you like about sharpness and detail or dynamic range or just colors or maybe just look at it and pick the one you like that looks better, let's take a look.

The first one is a backpack and it's outdoors on a bench and the biggest thing you're going to notice between these is actually the color temperature and contrast, so just looking at that black pocket that's underscore is supposed to be black but you can notice in each of the pictures there's a little bit of a different color cast, bit of a different hue and the sharpness and the detail levels are about the same in and out of focus and the background is about the same, but you'll notice the color temperature is the biggest differentiator so here's your side-by-side.
Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

This is another outdoor picture and there's a little bit less colors but the same effect you'll see a little bit more, this is a gray car but as you can see in each of the individual shots the car and the round which is the asphalt varies again with the color the yellow lines get a little bit warmer or cooler on each shot, but for the most part the exposure and the sharpness are about the same again, here's a side-by-side
Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

This one's a pretty distinct foreground and background shot so I'm taking a portrait here so you guys can see how blurred out the backgrounds get and smartphones these days have really wide aperture is f 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 even a lot of these are doing a really good job that you can see to the extent and the degree that they blow out the background and of course you get a sense of white balance as well with the different colors and shades of the white of the table so again you can take a look at this side by side.
Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

Here's another portrait and we're outdoors, it's a little bit contrast here, but again the bigger differences you notice here is the difference in color on the white wall, the black asphalt and then just the color of the jacket it kind of changes with coolness or warmness based on the color temperature again, but yeah overall a pretty similar shot in each one as far as sharpness goes because again everything's in focus, but you can notice the difference is an image processing just based on the way the colors look so again here's your side by side of each single one
Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

Notice a bit of a lower light photo and this is where the best smartphone cameras or cameras in general can actually Excel and separate themselves from the lower end, so for this one you're looking at the tones in groups little face and you want to look at noise reduction you can look at his eyes and the black shelf that he's sitting on, the rest of it is a little bit of the cast in the hues and there's a backlight behind him on a white wall, but you can see to the extent that they blow up group space or don't and also if you want the side-by-side here is that again

This one's a landscape to the extent that I could do a landscape on such a dreary day like this, but you can see the Empire State Building there in the background and for landscapes you really want to focus on just detail so if you're counting windows on the Empire State Building you have a pretty good idea that this one gets sharpen as well but again the color differences is what I notice is the biggest difference here as well, so look at the colors of the cement on each one and then we'll get this side-by-side

I think this is the tell-all or the most revealing photo, you want to keep an eye on two things on this one the top tones of the steering wheel it's an all black interior and over on the left in the rear view mirror the amount that you can see that American flag in the mirror, in some it's a little bit overexposed in others it's perfectly visible so you can see which ones have the most dynamic range or which ones have the most pleasing image, but again here is the side by side of the center point which was a steering wheel which is the part that I tap to focus on when I took the photo.

Now that you've seen all the comparisons you've made your pick by now which one is your top choice maybe leave it in the comments section below with it a, b, c, d or e and this is the phone you picked.

A. OnePlus 3T
B. Samsung Galaxy S8
C. Google Pixel XL
D. iPhone 7+
E. LG G6

Note: All photos taken in full automatic with Auto HDR enabled and tap-to-focus.

That is your top choice for a smartphone camera so does your winner surprise you at all probably not because these are among the best smartphone cameras the reason why they were chosen was because they have good cameras and they're all very similar in that regard.

Hopefully this sheds a little bit of light on the fact that they're all really damn good and there's other things that of course go into picking a smart phone even just for the camera, I've gone over them in the past just autofocus speed, software features, time-lapse features, stabilization, all these things when taking a video even the selfie camera is important all I went over and this one is just raw back facing camera performance.